Intel iQ Magazine: ‘Old School is Best School’ and Nostalgic Overclocking

Here’s a great article that appeared on the Intel iQ website, a tech culture magazine that examines how technology affects our lives. Writer Jason Johnson has come up with a great article for iQ that focuses specifically on the Old School is Best School contest on OC-ESPORTS, a retro-style contest were teams f overclockers compete on old benchmarks and old PC hardware components.

Jason interviewed one of the organizers of the contest, a chap called Pontus Arvidsson, known to us more commonly by his HWBOT handle Lanbonden. The Swede explained how his motivation to help set up the OSiBS contest was influenced by both a desire for a nostalgic trip down memory lane and a lack funds for new high-end hardware.

“For members of the Old School community, overclocking retro hardware may be tedious but it’s way more fun than tweaking new tech. The art can be fascinating as a way to test a competitor’s mettle, and in the community’s eyes, old chips actually lead to a higher level of competition. Old Schoolers prefer old tech to new because it’s relatively easy to destroy a chip while overclocking it, and zapping a $300 piece of equipment in the heat of a competition hurts. “The competitions are quite popular because they are cheap to enter,” said Pieter-Jan Plaisier, director of the HWBOT overclocking community. “Even if you break the hardware, replacing it isn’t a big problem.”

You can the full article on iQ here.

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