[Video] Kingpin Demos Closed Loop LN2, Touch-Button Cooling System

Overclocking legend Kingpin is without doubt one of the world’s most respected and influential overclockers, developing a series of LN2 pots and accessories under the Kingpin Cooling brand among other things. What can you say about this guy, excecpt that he likes to indulge in serious R&D from to time. This week during Computex 2016 he was invited to take part in the OC World Record Stage a G.SKILL invitational were overclockers representing different vendors compete to try and break OC records live on stage. Kingpin, or Vince as most of us know him, pulled up with something pretty interesting in tow – an (almost) closed loop cooling system that allows him to bench a full 4x GPU rig on LN2 without so much as picking up a tumbler.

The machine in quite ingeniously created, using an Xbox Mortal Kombat FightStick controller to add LN2 to pots installed on a CPU plus up to 4 VGA cards. The LN2 is delivered from the main LN2 tank to an empty tank, then through a series of relays and nodes until it’s delivered to the base of the pot. The XBOX controller gives Vince complete control over the temperatures of the CPU and GPUs. In the video Vince presses a button on the controller and immediately you can here the sound of LN2 racing through the system to the CPU and see the temperature of the CPU drop in real time as the button is held down. Very impressive indeed. It certainly looks like a great way for a single overclocker to bench multiple GPUs plus a CPU all at once with unerring accuracy.

You can check out the video from G.SKILL where he is interviewed by Mark Yu. Vince is benching on a Broadwell-E system with one VGA card installed. Click the image on the left, or this link here to see the video of Kingpin introducing his latest innovation.


Taiwan sdougal says:

Incredible. Simply incredible....

Belgium Massman says:

One of the most impressive engineering efforts I've seen in the past decade or so. Simply amazing!

Russian Federation GraduS says:

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United States CAxVIPER says:

Him and Tin never cease to amaze. Over on the KPC forums Tin said they can easily pull records with this setup.

United States techjesse says:

I Like it! WoW :D

K404 says:

I'm really glad that this has been done :D It looks f***ing amazing! I thought about something similar-ish a few years ago and did literally nothing about it. Based on the video and what's involved, I would have got nowhere!

I hope this does not become "a thing" necessary for successful benching....

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