Broadwell-E Extreme Overclocking Guide: GIGABYTE X99 SOC Champion

Broadwell-E has been with us for just a matter of days but already we are seeing extreme overclockers coming to terms with the new HEDT platform from Intel. GIGABYTE’s overclocking crew have certainly had plenty of time with the new flagship Core i7 6950X chip and are already in a position to give you all the advice you might need to start benching on LN2 with the GIGABYTE X99 SOC Champion OC motherboard, publishing an Extreme OC guide.

Our buddies Dinos22 and Sofos1990 have published a pretty detailed BW-E guide that covers virtually everything you would want to know; the guide covers lots of details regarding GIGABYTE’s special features that include Single or Dual BIOS Modes and how to configure the CPU_Mode switch, plus there is also some great advice about the nuances of the i7 6950X processor itself, including power draw and PSU selction, cold bug and cold boot bug issues, voltages, limits and frequencies. They also give you advice on to interpret POST Codes that you may encounter on your OC adventures and a whole lot more.

Following the advice here in the guide would give any respected and seasoned overclocker a very good grasp of how to get good scores using the GIGABYTE X99 SOC Champion. It’s also a great read if you’re simply interested in how Broadwell-E compares to Haswell-E. The guys have even included links to the lastest BIOSes, MemTweak and GIGABYTE Tweak Launcher apps, making it one of the most complete Broadwell-E OC guides on the net thus far.

You can check out the GIGABYTE Champion Broadwell-E OC Guide on the GIGABYTE Daily blog here.

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