Throwback Thursday: HWBOT v2.0 AWESOM-O Tested

For those of you who are not up to speed, throwback Thursday is a time each week (on a Thursday) when we look back at a specific memory from the same month a few years ago, hopefully one that senior HWBOT members and overclockers will appreciate and enjoy. Today we bring you a pivotal moment in history as HWBOT launched a public testrun of the hwbot v2.0.

Dubbed as hwbot v2.0 AWESOM-O, this updated version of the database and site presented chance for members to try out and test lots of new features, some of which would go on have massive impact on the way scores, overclockers and teams were ranked. The testrun was presented as an opportunity for all HWBOT members to comment on new features and most crucially, discuss the new HWBOT points algorithm outlined by richba5tard below:

“Hwboints algorithm v2 Mtzki, the intellectual father of the hwboint algorithm, refined the algorithm to be much more rewarding than the first version:

Key changes: – people who reach the worldwide top 500 of a popular ranking are awarded much better, – the same for people who reach the hardware top 20 with very popular hardware (= a lot of competition). – the spreading of points has been smoothed (check topic). – to prevent mixing hardware ‘grinders’ with ‘elite’ overclockers, a cap of 300 hw points has been put on the member hall of fame. This cap does not count for the team hall of fame.

You can the entire post which outlines all the changes in v2.0 in detail. The post was originally posted by richba5tard on June 25th, 2007.

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