Nvidia GTX 1080 Ambient Overclocking Guide

A few days ago we brought you news that K|ngp|n and TiN had put together a full out hardware mod guide with step by step advice and instructions about hardware modding your brand new GTX 1080 card. Today we came across an overclocking guide from Guru3D.com who have put together a pretty solid article that deals with ambient overclocking on the GTX 1080. It’s not as technical as what you might need if you’re an Elite overclocker, but it is a great introduction for any Rookie or Novice that has just splashed out on a Pascal card.

The article covers what you need to know to get a solid boost in performance using MSI’s afterburner, including what’s new about the 1080 card itself including how Dynamic Clock Adjustment and GPU Boost 3.0 affects overclocking. The article also gives solid advice regarding basic settings that Core Voltages, Power Limit, Temp Limit plus Core and Memory Clocks and should help push a Founders Edition (reference cooled) GTX 1080 to over 2GHz. Author Hilbert Hagedoorn notes:

“The GeForce GTX 1080 is impressive in its default performance already, and yes, tweaking doubles the fun. Heck even without voltage tweaking the 1080 yields results by just fooling with temperature and power targets and clock frequency. While not heaps, it is extra free extra performance, at little extra risk (if you do it right). So grab yourself the new AfterBurner tweaking software if you feel you want that additional performance, experiment a little -- we can definitely recommend that.”

Catch the full GTX 1080 OC guide on Guru3D here.

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