ZADAK511 Launch DDR4 Frequency Challenge

HWBOT World Tour 2016 partners ZADAK511 have launched the DDR4 Frequency Challenge, a contest that will run throughout the World Series Asia event that kicks off at Computex here in Taipei next week. The contest is open to overclockers competing in the World Series Asia contest, with very simple rules; the three overclockers that submit the highest memory frequency on the contest web page will each win the following fantastic prizes from ZADAK511:

  • 1x SHIELD RGB 240GB SSD (MSRP $189)
  • 1x SHIELD DDR4 4266MHz*4 (OCK edition) (USD$1100)
  • 1x Sponsorship of ZADAK511 latest SSD and 3x Dual Channel kit, one year of exclusive pre-retail access
  • ZADAK511 area new company that specialize in high-end memory and SSDs. The SHIELD RGB LED series includes great looking SSDs and DDR4 modules that include high performance kits that are rated at 4266MHz. ZADAK511 are in fact supplying the DDR4 memory kits for the entire HWBOT World Tour Asia event which includes OC Workshops and World Series contests for extreme and amateur overclockers. As well getting some nice hardware, the idea of being supplied with all new ZADAK511 products before they actually hit the retail channel is an especially nice touch.

    The HWBOT World Series Asia contest runs from Tuesday May 31st to Saturday June 4th. The first four days will see more than twenty Extreme and Elite overclockers from around compete for cash prizes. Each day an open qualification round will be followed with a 1v1 Face Off between the day’s top two scorers. Saturday 4th will see the Semi-Finals and the Final where a spot in the World Championships at the end of the year is at stake. Competing overclockers can submit their DDR4 memory frequency scores at the contest page on OC-ESPORTS with no restrictions on motherboard or platform.

    Check out the ZADAK511 DDR4 Frequency Challenge here on OC-ESPORTS, and don’t forget you can follow all the action from the World Series Asia contest with OverClocking-TV and their live coverage on Twitch.You can learn more about the World Series Asia contest here.


    Taiwan sdougal says:

    Should be interesting to see who wins this.. good luck to all.

    websmile says:

    Need last minute flight to Taipeh :eek:

    Italy RULE says:

    ok, i need to fit also Impact in the baggage...

    Australia zeropluszero says:

    Es boards allowed?

    websmile says:

    You mean unreleased hardware?

    TheGamingBarrel says:

    websmile said: You mean unreleased hardware?

    I would assume 0plus0 Means a variant of a retail board, such as an early gen M OC F, which to me falls under a grey area.

    (Feel free to correct me :))

    websmile says:

    I feel free and I correct you^^, es is different from unreleased hardware as it is usually an early sample of a mainboard that later becomes retail, or a sample given to ocer that might have different coolers, this normally is no big problem when board is retail and is already sold at shops. I refer to samples of mainboards that are not retail, so to engineering samples of a board series that has yet to be released or never was retail at all.

    Czech Republic Elkim says:

    Too short :( I am getting my MOCF at 6/10 from caseking, like many EU OCers, why it isn't at last for a 30 days? :(

    Australia zeropluszero says:

    Z170 soc force ln2 board.

    websmile says:

    Difficult - we both know general competitin rules, but at live competition and me not in tw, I will not decide this. I ask Pieter and CN :)

    Edit - All in, no restrictions, es, non relased hardware, retail, all allowed :)

    Australia zeropluszero says:

    Yeh no problems, i have asrock board here as well if I am not allowed to use ln2 board. I will ask Christian or Pieter when I see them tomorrow.

    websmile says:

    You can use both, no restrictions as said, even es cpu allowed :)

    United States overnightstone says:

    where can i buy ZADAK511 memory ?

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