Toppc and MSI Smash DDR4-5000 Memory Frequency Barrier

Toppc is at it again. Not satisfied with a submitting an all new record highest DDR4 frequency a few days ago, the talented Taiwanese overclocker has just gone and burst through the DDR4-5000 barrier with a clock frequency of 2501.2 MHz, an impressive 49.4MHz higher than the previous record that we covered on Tuesday this week and the first ever system memory configuration to exceed DDR4-5000.

The bigger story here of course that MSI are truly flexing their memory tuning muscles, with in-house overclockers toppc and pepinorang plus the hardware and BIOS engineering staff all doing a fantastic job of making sure that MSI boards are well optimized for high frequency memory configurations. The board used to break the DDR4-5000 barrier was again the MSI Z170I Gaming Pro AC, fitted with G.SKILL Trident Z DIMMs.

Indeed, history has been be made with this submission, joining the anals of broken DDR frequency barriers that have happened over years. G.SKILL first broke the DDR3-3736 barrier back in March 2012, then in May 2013, with the arrival of Haswell we have the DDR3-4000 barrier broken. Then in August of the same year the DDR3-4400 barrier was discarded by Team AU, followed by Greek master Sofos who burst through the DDR3-4600 barrier with aplomb. HiCookie then pushed the upper ceiling to the dizzy heights of DDR4-4800.

What is noticeable about all of the above milestones is that none of them were made using an MSI board. The new DDR4-5000 record set yesterday underlines the fact that MSI is currently in a very rich vein of form when it comes to supporting high frequency memory. Kudos to you guys!

Check out the DDR4-5000+ memory submission here on HWBOT. There is also a memory clock Hall of Fame for those of you with a nostalgic leaning.

You can also check out a press release from G.SKILL , published in celebration of this historic landmark.

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