HWBOT X: The First Six Months

Since its launch at the end of last year, HWBOT X has been involved with more than a dozen OC events around the world. Here's a blog post from the HWBOT X site that basically summarizes what's been going on, giving an overview of the kind of overclocking meetups and competitions that have been happening around the world in that time.

The HWBOT X platform was launched around six months ago as a platform where overclockers could share and promote overclocking events that were happening all around the world. The site acts as a directory where overclockers can post the event details and reach out to their local scene, while also letting the rest of the world know what’s going on at various locations around the world.

HWBOT X also provides access to a framework that helps event organisers get their event up and running, tapping into the wealth of knowledge and experience that the HWBOT team have accumulated over the last decade.

Since its inception back in December, HWBOT X has grown and evolved, getting involved with several independent OC events around the world. The blog article takes a look the events we have seen listed on HWBOT X so far including events in Indonesia organized in conjunction with JagatOC, industry led events from MSI, GALAX, HyperX, ASUS, ROG and more, plus a few more casual meetups where people just want to to get together, meet face to face, do some overclocking have a good time.

Go to the HWBOT X blog to read all about the first six months.

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