Rauf Wins Pro OC Round 2, Stage 2 with Super Pi 1M i7 6700K Hardware 1st Place

Last weekend saw the second stage of the Pro OC Championship unfold with Sweden’s Rauf pulling off a nice win with the fastest SuperPi run of the weekend – a run of just 5sec 219ms which is in fact a new Hardware 1st Place for a Core i7 6700K processor. Congrats to Rauf!

Rauf narrowly beat competition from the current OC No.1 Dancop who actually held first place until just hours before Stage 2 closed last night. Dancop ended up finishing in second place with a run of 5sec 250ms, followed by South African legend DrWeez on 5sec 297ms. Nacho_arroyo and Splave made fourth and fifth places respectfully.

Stage 2 of course was all about getting the most out of a Skylake chip with DDR4 memory on the SuperPi 1M benchmark. The weapon of choice was of course the i7 6700K which Rauf tuned to perfection to hit 6,784MHz, a massive +69.60% beyond stock settings. Of course memory tuning can be vital to a Super Pi 1M score with the Swedish No.1 using a G.SKILL Trident Z kit configured at 1,709MHz with timings set to CL12.0 12-12-28 1T. Other rig details include an ASUS Maximus VIII Extreme motherboard and an 8Pack Super Flower 2000 Watt power supply.

The submissions made by Rauf, Dancop and DrWeez during the Pro OC Championship Round 2 are all in fact personal best scores that now populate the top four places of the SuperPi 1M 6700K rankings. Splave however will perhaps be a touch disappointed that he could not replicate his run of 5sec 282ms that he made back in April, a run that remains in third place behind Rauf and Dancop in the rankings.

Check out the winning submission from Rauf here on HWBOT, plus the full standings and scores made in Stage 2 of the Pro OC Cup here on OC-ESPORTS. You can also take a peek at the Super Pi 1M 6700K rankings here.

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