Toppc Submits Highest DDR4 Frequency, Hits 2451.8MHz on MSI Z170I Gaming Pro AC Board

The record highest DDR4 clock frequency has just been broken by Taiwan’s Toppc using an MSI Z170I Gaming Pro AC motherboard and a G.SKILL Trident Z kit. A DDR4 memory frequency of 2451.8MHz was submitted and validated using a Skylake 6600K underclocked at 949MHz (-72.89%) and 31-31-31-63-2 timings. Nice work.

Going back a gew years ago to the days when the MOA (MSI Overclocking Arena) event was one of the biggest and most prestigious events of the year, many overclockers found that MSI did not always hold up to scrutiny so well in terms of memory overclocking. More often or not ASUS held sway in the area of hitting the highest memory clocks possible.

If we consider how MSI have improved things in terms of memory frequencies the company, with the help of in-house overclockers Pepinorang and toppc, have worked hard to make sure that more recent boards are well optimized for high frequency memory clocks. Since Ivy Bridge we have seen gradual, steady improvements to BIOSes and PCB layouts that have contributed to what we see here from toppc. Clearly he has achieved a winning combination using a CPU with a solid IMC, a nice DDR4 kit and of course a MSI Z170I Gaming Pro AC, a Mini-ITX board that clearly has what it takes.

Check out the record submission from toppc here on HWBOT.

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