Toolius Becomes First Indian Overclocker to Break Into the HWBOT League Top 20

Today we want to give a resounding pat on the back to one of the OC scene’s fastest rising stars. Shatul Durlabhji, known to most of us simply as Toolius, is an Indian overclocker that has been rising in rankings and kudos for the last few years. He’s the current No.1 overclocker in India (no mean feat in a country of 1.2 billion), captain of India’s most successful team OC Inc, and now the first ever Indian to break into the HWBOT top twenty. We recently covered his exploits with a 44 core, dual socket Xeon E5 2699 v4 rig where he took four Global 1st Places in a matter of hours. But with 18 Global Cups and 43 Hardware Cups, it would probably take a book to cover all of his endeavors from the last year or so.

We first met Toolius at the OC meet up during Computex of last year where he was kind enough to sit down and talk to us on film as part of the Overclocker in Focus series. Thinking back to that interview, it really struck me at the time just how enthusiastic and truly blown away he was just to be taking part in a global OC event.

“HWBOT: What has been your greatest achievement? Toolius: Today, being here in Taiwan is like the highlight of my life so far. I’ve been dreaming about meeting everybody here and it feels awesome to be here…Breaking into the top fifty in the Extreme League, that was one which happened recently, that was something that I was pretty proud about. And also breaking the top one hundred overall, so that was something nice.”

Today Toolius can stand tall, not just as India’s No.1 overclocker and the current 17th best overclocker in the world, but also as true pioneer of overclocking in India. Congrats!

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