Nacho_arroyo Takes Down 3DMark06 2x GPU Global 1st Place

Argentina’s No.1 Elite overclocker nacho_arroyo made submission last Friday that catapulted him to the top of the 3DMark06 2x GPU world rankings with a score of 62,609 marks, a new Global 1st Place. The score narrowly edges out Russia’s Smoke who had been in possession of the 1st place ranking since early February of this year with a score of 62,577 marks.

Nacho_arroyo’s submission was made with a pair of GTX 980 Ti cards tuned to perfection under the influence of LN2. GPU clocks were pushed to 1,366MHz which is +27.06% beyond stock, while memory frequency was pushed to 2,100MHz (+19.79%). These settings indicate a tactically different approach from nacho_arroyo compared to Smoke who had his cards configured with higher GPU clocks and lower memory clocks; 1,480MHz (+37.55%) and 1,950MHz (+11.24%).

Other components used by nacho_arroyo include an i7 6700K clocked at 6,403.8MHz, an ASUS Maximus VII Gene motherboard, a HyperX DDR4 Predator kit clocked at 3,576.8MHz, plus a HyperX Savage SSD and a Seasonic Platinum 1200 Watt power supply. The new Global 1st Place submission means that nacho_arroyo earned 75.2 points for the 2x GPU ranking and 5.2 points for the GTX 980 Ti card.

You can check out the 3DMark06 score submission from the mercurial Argentine on HWBOT here, as well as the 2x GPU rankings in full here. Nice work nacho_arroyo!

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