Toolius Takes Down 4 Global 1st Places with a Monster 44 Core Rig

India’s No.1 overclocker Toolius just completed an overclocking spree that saw him take down four Global first places in just one day. He was armed with an ASUS Z10PE-D8 WS, a dual socket workstation motherboard that he paired with two Intel Xeon E5 2699 v4 processors to create a monster 44 core system.

Toolius managed to take down 44x CPU Global 1st Place rankings for wPrime 1024 with a run in just 27sec 783ms, followed by a 1st Place tanking for Cinebench R11.5 with a score of 55.26 points, plus a 1st place in Cinebench R15 scoring 5815 cb and finally the Geekbench Multi-Core 1st place ranking with a score of 85,039 points.

All scores were made with both Broadwell EP-based Xeon E5 2699 v4 chips pushed to a tasty 3,670MHz which is +66.82 % beyond stock settings – a very powerful rig indeed. And also one that will set you back in terms of finances with each chip costing north of $4,000 USD a piece.

Talking with the ROG blog, this is what he had to say about building and tuning the monster rig:

“Was it hard to achieve those scores? It's a tricky question because yes there were challenges as is the case in almost all benching sessions. Finding the sweet spot in terms of settings for every benchmark was the key and also overclocking a server platform poses it's own challenges. The key is to achieve maximum performance without sacrificing stability.”

“It is interesting to note that benching on a server board is completely different compared to benching on the legendary ROG motherboards which are designed for overclocking. Since the main objective with server boards is to attain rock solid stability, it was pleasing to see Asus provided tons of overclocking options for a 2P server board for extracting more performance.”

You can check out the interview in full on the ROG blog here.

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