Miahallen now benching with liquid nitrogen on livestream

Head over to the livestream section if you want to see miahallen of Team Ironmods doing some Liquid Nitrogen benching. Will he break some world records tonight?


Belgium Massman says:

Might be interesting: his retail 980X has no coldbug whatsoever.

United States [GF]Duke says:

How did that turn out? I tuned in late and everyone was gone.

United States miahallen says:

Good session, but although my chip has no CB...it's still pretty week, esp for multi-threaded benches :(

Max Vantage was 5.6GHz, 3D06 was 5.7GHz

But it does '03 and '05 at 6+

Hopefully the UD9 or XPower Big Bang will provide more life for this chip ;)

I tried to get the whole session recorded, but only the last hour was retained...check it out here:


unknown Hollywood says:

good scores anyway!

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