[HWBOT X] ROG Russia OC Summit 2016: Recap

Russian ASUS HQ opened its doors to some of the most influential overclockers in country last week with the ASUS ROG Russia OC Summit 2016. Running from May 11th to 14th, the OC Summit invited some of the counrty’s most well known faces including Smoke, 12, slamms, IceAlex and Atheros who were also joined by special guest and Polish legend, Xtreme Addict. The four day program was sponsored ASUS with partners Kingston, Cooler Master and OCLab.ru giving Russia’s overclockers a chance to bench on Skylake and Haswell E, just to see what they could come up with in terms of scores and of course records.

Russian legend Smoke led the way early on with a submission that (briefly) took the 3DMark06 World Record away from World No.1 Dancop. Using a Core i7 6700K pushed to a 6,590MHz, a solid +64.75% beyond stock settings, plus a GTX 980 Ti card clocked at 1,541MHz (+43.22% beyond stock) and 2,000MHz (+14.09%), Smoke was able to hit a score of 64,607 marks.

Smoke wasn’t to be beaten however when it came to running two GPUs on 3DMark05, claiming a Global 1St Place with a score of 82,681 marks on a pair of GTX 980 Ti cards with both GPUs set to 1,188MHz (+10.41%) and memory gently pushed to 1,800MHz (+2.68%). Nice work.

Make sure you check out the ROG Russia Summit here on HWBOT X where there are plenty more photos of all the OC action in Moscow.

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