Zwitterion Claims GPUPI for CPU 1B x4 CPU Global 1st Place

Just a few days ago we brought you news of Romanian overclocker Alex@ro’s exploits on GPUPI for CPU 1B, setting a new Global 1st Place for quad-core CPUs with a run in just 3min 56sec 825ms. Today we have a new Global 1st Place submission with Zwitterion making a run fractionally faster run to steal the crown.

The Frenchman’s run of 3min 56sec 82ms is just a snip faster than the previous record, and was made using a Skylake i7 6700K clocked at a very handy 6,630MHz which is a healthy +65.75% beyond stock. This is a marginally higher overclock than Alex@ro’s 6,620MHz (+65.50%) using the same chip. The memory timings will also have played a crucial part with the Zwitterion using a Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 kit pushed nicely to 3,618MHz (CL12-18-18-28 1T). Other rig details include an ASUS Maximus VIII Gene motherboard, an Nvidia GT 610 card and a Corsair 860 watt PSU.

The Global 1st Place submission earned Zwitterion, the French No.2 and Extreme League No.3 a few additional points, taking 107.0 points for the x4 CPU ranking and 18.8 points for the i7 6700K ranking.

Check out the score from Zwitterion on HWBOT here, as well as the overall x4 CPU rankings for GPUPI for CPU 1B.

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