Racoon and Splmann Demo Sub-Zero Overclocking at Fantasy Basel

Last weekend was a one of the highlights of the Swiss gaming calendar with Fantasy Basel taking place on May 5-7. Described as a ‘festival for film, game, comic and cosplay’ by the event organizers, it's basically the Comic Con of Switzerland. The cool thing from our perspective is that the event also saw some serious sub-zero Overclocking with an OC session held, oddly enough, at the Samsung Booth.

Two Swiss master overclockers were on hand to show all rubes and noobs the OC ropes, with racoon and splmann (Swiss No.2 and 4 respectively) representing the MIFCOM ocaholic team. Using what LN2 and time they had available the pair focused on pushing a selection of processors from the Intel Skylake architecture series, including a Core i5-6600K (hitting 6, 736.81MHz), a Core i3-6320 (6,447.01MHz)and a Core i7-6700K (6656.65MHz). With the CPUs pushed nicely the pair set about running a few benchmarks to see what they could achieve.

“These frequencies were enough for second, first and fifth place on HWBOT.org frequency score and also enough to get some neat scores in Pi Fast, Wprime32m, Wprime1024m, Cinebench R11.5 and Cinebench R15 benchmarks. Racoon and Splmann also had a chance to run a couple of 3DMark benchmarks with single and SLI GTX 980 Ti graphics cards as well.”

You can read more about the event here on ocaholic.ch as well as a full break down of scoring and lots of cool photos here.

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