Strunkenbold, Maintainer of the HWBOT Hardware Database Marches On

A couple of months back we posted an article about the gargantuan job taken on by Strunkenbold who volunteered to help monitor and maintain the vast wasteland that is the HWBOT hardware database. The job is one of many taken on by HWBOT community members which include moderators, translators, local reps and of course maintenance work. Today we bring you an update from Strunkenbold regarding the most recent changes to the hardware database:

  • Reorganized Geforce 6200 cards, new categories, full cleanup
  • I merged Radeon X1300/X1550 cards. Sorry there is no other way, you simply cant distinguish between those cards by deviceIDs or clocks
  • Removed Radeon 8500 Pro card, this card doesnt exist
  • Changed clock-rate of Radeon 8500 to 275/275 on behalf of liqmet, cleaned up categories according
  • Added All in Wonder 8500 RV
  • began working on X1300XT / X1600XT / X1650 cards. But didn't finish yet. Will take lots of time. Someone feel free beating me.
  • Finally split Bulldozer 15h family into gen1 till gen4.
  • Same for Jaguar 16h
  • Checked for completeness while we are at it, still need to add R-Series SOCs, deleted some incorrectly added CPUs
  • Added some missing Transmeta CPUs, still not all, I need more information
  • Deleted Mobile K8 Athlon XP-M 2800+ (Clawhammer), those CPUs have all Dublin core but different Steppings, since we dont add categorys for different steppings, I killed the rest
  • Renamed all Mobile Sempron Newcastle Categories to Clawhammer. Did a general cleanup of those Mobile Semprons
  • Once again we salute your efforts Gregor. Hats off!


    Taiwan sdougal says:

    Great work Gregor!

    United States MR. Horse says:

    wasn't the 8500 Pro an ES card that never made it to retail? Anyway keep up the good work.

    Belgium leeghoofd says:

    Christian Ney time to handover the Mercedez car keys dude!!!

    United States MR. Horse says:

    Mercedez ? don't insulated him, give him a Aston martin!

    France Martin White says:

    Thanks ;)

    Belarus max1024 says:

    Good Job Man!!!

    Russian Federation Traktor says:


    Ukraine StingerYar says:

    Great job, thanks! :)

    Strunkenbold says:

    Hi, since the last update I managed to finally get through all AMD and Intel CPUs. There where alot of name scheme changes. So it should look now everything more consistent. I looked for missings models and added them accordingly. The only exception is AMD k6 CPUs where I just dont know what to do, I asked Antinomy for help. I created a lot of new CPU families. And AMD K7, K8, K10 CPUs should now be all in their correct category. So there was a lot of renaming, moving and adding stuff going on and Im now quite happy with the outcome. Id like to thanks the guy from, without your page, this hasnt been possible. To bad you have to close your site because of this ad-blocking idiots. -added Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge -corrected Samsung Octa SoCs core count (4-->8) -added Broadwell-EP Xeon E5 CPUs -added Broadwell-EX Xeon E7 CPUs -added some missing AMD Geode CPUs -added new Excavator Socket AM4 APUs based on preliminary data -added new Mobile Excavator APUs based on preliminary data -added missing Athlon XP-M Socket 563 CPUs -added missing Opteron K8 CPUs -added missing Opteron K10 CPUs -added AMD R-Series APUs -added Xeon-D Series -added Pentium D 1500 Series -added Pentium 1400 Series -added alot of embedded CPUs (Intel and AMD) -added alot of missing mobile CPUs (Intel and AMD) -added Opteron X Series In total: 372 new CPUs since last update -added Radeon RX 460, 470, 480 -added new Radeon R2 to R9 category (previously everything was under a Radeon Rx category. Too bad AMD choose RX as name, so I had to reorganize everything) -fixed specs of GTX 1070 and GTX 1080 And a lot more I cant remember or to lazy to write it down...

    Strunkenbold says:

    Last time I added Radeon R2 to R9 categorys and now these are already history.
    We have decided to sort them by architecture. This was necessary because we want to merge rebranded cards and those exists unfortunately over all Radeon families.

    So new categorys are now:
    GCN 1st Generation
    GCN 2nd Generation
    GCN 3rd Generation
    GCN 4th Generation

    This also allows us to do a major cleanup and finally have a chance to add all obscure AMD cards available.

    Also new:
    -Geforce GTX 1060 3Gb version (1152 Shaders)
    -Geforce GTX 1060/70/80 Notebook variants
    -added Intel Kaby Lake i7, i5 models by preliminary information
    -some Tesla and FirePro cards

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