Strunkenbold, Maintainer of the HWBOT Hardware Database Marches On

A couple of months back we posted an article about the gargantuan job taken on by Strunkenbold who volunteered to help monitor and maintain the vast wasteland that is the HWBOT hardware database. The job is one of many taken on by HWBOT community members which include moderators, translators, local reps and of course maintenance work. Today we bring you an update from Strunkenbold regarding the most recent changes to the hardware database:

  • Reorganized Geforce 6200 cards, new categories, full cleanup
  • I merged Radeon X1300/X1550 cards. Sorry there is no other way, you simply cant distinguish between those cards by deviceIDs or clocks
  • Removed Radeon 8500 Pro card, this card doesnt exist
  • Changed clock-rate of Radeon 8500 to 275/275 on behalf of liqmet, cleaned up categories according
  • Added All in Wonder 8500 RV
  • began working on X1300XT / X1600XT / X1650 cards. But didn't finish yet. Will take lots of time. Someone feel free beating me.
  • Finally split Bulldozer 15h family into gen1 till gen4.
  • Same for Jaguar 16h
  • Checked for completeness while we are at it, still need to add R-Series SOCs, deleted some incorrectly added CPUs
  • Added some missing Transmeta CPUs, still not all, I need more information
  • Deleted Mobile K8 Athlon XP-M 2800+ (Clawhammer), those CPUs have all Dublin core but different Steppings, since we dont add categorys for different steppings, I killed the rest
  • Renamed all Mobile Sempron Newcastle Categories to Clawhammer. Did a general cleanup of those Mobile Semprons
  • Once again we salute your efforts Gregor. Hats off!

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