[Video] Wizerty Demos Extreme Overclocking at Gamers Assembly, France

Here’s a really great video from the Gamers Assembly event in France a few weeks ago featuring none other than French No.1 Wizerty who had his own OC demo area at the event. The idea was to present a demo of proper full bore, sub-zero overclocking on both CPU and GPU so that visitors could get a real taste of what Elite overclocking involves. What you have here, is a really well shot video that shows the LN2 in full flow, much to the delight and amusement of the Gamers Assembly crowd.

Of course Wizerty was not alone in wooing the hearts and minds of gamers. The HWBOT World Tour 2016 stop in Poitiers France was a roaring success with so many amateurs, gamers and enthusiasts getting a first taste of real overclocking. The MSI OC Academy allowed more than 180 newbies to get hands on, first with tutorial from seasoned pros such as Christian Ney, finally culminating in a chance to submit a score in the World Series for Amateurs contest.

Wizerty had the backing of some industry heavy weights, being sponsored by Cooler Master, Asus ROG, Intel and Crucial, four companies who appreciate the importance of demonstrating the quality and durability of their products from the perspective of Extreme overclocking.

You can check out the video here on the Wizerty YouTube channel.

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