Watch New and Classic 3DMark Benchmarks in True 8K Resolution

It’s amazing to think about how some people get their kicks. For overclockers, it’s all about getting absolutely the most performance possible from their hardware. But for a German chap known as JouMxyzptlk there is only one possible fix and that involves pushing video games and benchmark apps to the max in terms of screen resolutions, then recording and sharing them for the benefit of others to enjoy.

JouMxyzptlk has a small website where you can access scenes form a range of different video games and, most importantly from an overclocking perspective several of the 3DMark series from Futuremark in resolutions that include 8K (7,680 x 4,320 at 60 fps), True 8K (8192 x 4608 at 60 fps. and even in-game footage of up to 16K. As well as YouTube links that will take you as far as 4K Jou (as we’ll call him because it’s easier to spell) has also been nice enough to provide download links so that you can grab the original video files for yourself.

It’s worth checking out even if it’s just to relive and enjoy Futuremark titles from the past in glorious resolutions that we’d never normally even consider using (especially as overclockers). Juo has also added a page where he shares tricks and tips about how to use Nvidia down-sampling to reach Retina, Ultra HD, 4K HD and 6K HD resolutions.

Check out the 3DMark videos here.

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