ASUS Introduces Live ROG World Record Page with HWBOT Embed Feature

A few months ago we announced a new feature that allowed you to embed HWBOT rankings tables on your blog, forum, or website without requiring any knowledge on software or web development. It means that sites like this one from Cowcotland can embed tables on their site that shows the rankings for team members in specific benchmark categories –what’s more, because the data is being pulled in real time from the HWBOT database, the rankings are automatically updated, leaving the site admin with more time to polish nails, knit sweaters or whatever webmasters do when they’re not fixing code.

ASUS however have gone one step further, requesting a more customized JSON data stream that would pull World Record and Global First Place data for both CPU and GPU submissions that involve ASUS motherboards and Graphics Cards. The result (after some magic from the ASUS in-house web team) is a very elegant page on the ROG webpage that really shows off the companies popularity with record-breaking overclockers.

The page itself has proven to be pretty popular too, as ROG fanboys are flocking to the page to see what records and rankings are currently held by whom, at what settings, using what hardware. It’s a really good implementation of the HWBOT embed feature and a good example of how PC gamers and enthusiasts can be drawn into the world of competitive overclocking. Nice work.

Pop on over to the ASUS ROG site and check out the new World Record page for yourself.

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