Overclock.net Retain Novice Nimble in Round #8 (Yet Again)

The eighth ever installment of the Novice Nimble just came to a close on OC-ESPORTS with Overclock.net taking the win for the second time this year and the forth time in the history of the competition. After an utterly dominant display in the previous round, team OCN almost completed a rout once again winning four out of five stages in Round 8. Let’s take a look at the scoring, submissions and players in a little more detail.

In the end Round 8 was dominated by Overclock.net who managed a win all but one stage. Don’t be fooled by the American flag that the team flies however as Overclock.net are probebly one of the most International teams around. Star team members like mus1mus (Philippines), Wernersen (Germany), Hilderman (Canada), SuperZan (U.K.) and gasparspeed (Spain) do not actually hail from the US. Congrats to you all.

Also, let’s give a round applause to the Ukrainians of Overclockers.ua and also to the French contingent who gave chase with Cowcotland arriving third. Well done guys!

Full article at OC-ESPORTS.io

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