DUH! News of the Day: Nvidia admits GTX480 runs hot

Loving the Madshrimps "Duh! news" series ... making the obvious sound stupid.

In a blog post, Nvidia's Drew Henry said that the chip designer had "heard [users] concerns" with regard to power and heat. He went on to explain that a "high performance" GPU such as the GTX480 will "consume a lot of power" in order to enable "performance and features". The Green Goblin's Fermi chip, a source of much embarrassment to the firm, finally shipped last week in GTX470 and GTX480 graphics cards. Reviews generally put the top end GTX480 slightly ahead of AMD's Radeon HD 5870 but it was clear to see that Nvidia's latest GPU chips were running excruciatingly hot. Reviewers found their units running close to 100° C when putting the cards through their paces.

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