Overclock.Net Launch ‘2016 HWBOT Team Point Challenge’

Overclock.net have just issued a call to arms for all its members to get off their backsides and get down to some overclocking. The Team Point Challenge offers cash prizes of up to $100 for the overclocker who contributes the most points between now and end the June. It’s all in an effort to give the overclock.net team on HWBOT a real boost in the HWBOT Team rankings.

Overclock.net are one of the largest enthusiast PC communities on the web, sporting an Overclocking team that is also respected and feared on HWBOT. The Overclock.net team boasts 1,126 members, accurately reflecting the size and stature of the site. The team certainly has plenty of talent with some of the scene’s most recognizable names including dhenzjhen, Rasparthe, Ftw Strong Island, El Gappo, marc0053 and xxbassplayerxx to name just a few.

Overclock.net currently sit in fifth place on the Team Rankings table on HWBOT, having just moved up from 6th place since the launch of the Team Point Challenge just a few days ago. Here’s what team captain Rasparthe has to say on the effectiveness of the challenge:

“Last year, Elite overclocker Dhenzjhen, took first place fighting off heavy hardware overclockers Mllrkllr88 and Moparman for the win. When the dust settled, the team had moved up a spot in the rankings and had gathered more than 5,000 Team Points.”

“This year, Overclock.net is only a handful of points behind 6th in the world and less than 5000 points behind 5th place. With a great push, Overclock.net can crack the Top 5 in the overall rankings.”

If you are a OCN member or fancy joining one the scene’s biggest teams, hop on over to the Overclock.net forum post here and get involved.


Philippines dhenzjhen says:

Go go!!!

United States MR. Horse says:

I'll offer 101 dollhairs to the OCN member with the most points the joins my team... :p Anyway good luck guys.

Philippines dhenzjhen says:

I'll offer you V4s if you swallow your dollhairs ;)

Canada WhiteWulfe says:

Team point challenges are a ton of fun to compete in as well, especially for clearing out the dust on various gear you (and your coworkers who are willing to give you their old stuff) happen to have lying around!

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