Broadwell E Benchmarked: Core i7 6950X vs Core i7 5960X

Another day another benchmark leak. Today’s leak means we now have a clearer idea about what to expect from the forthcoming Extreme Edition chips from Intel. A slew of benchmarks using the highly anticipated, deca-core i7 5960X were posted (once again) on, with Silicon Lottery somehow managed to get his hands on a Core i7-5960X - a CPU with 10 cores, 20 threads and a rumored price tag of around $1,500 USD. The CPU is based on the Broadwell E architecture and is the flagship model of the first HEDT series from Intel to take advantage of the new 14nm fabrication process, a fact that should mean decent bump performance.

In the performance comparison Silicon Lottery compares his engineering sample i7 6950X chip with a Xeon E5v3, a chip which is technically identical to a retail i7 5960X - thus we have a flagship, to flagship comparison (if not technically an apples to apples comparison, seeing how the Broadwell E chip boasts two extra cores).

Testing with Cinebench R15 we can see a pretty tasty performance improvement. With both chips clocked to 4GHz the Core i7-6950X scored 1,904 (Multi) points and 151 (Single) points. The Core i7-5960X scored 1,592 (Multi) and 160 (Single) points. This is a performance increase 19.59% in multi threaded testing and a 5.9% increase in single threaded. In XTU the 6950X managed to score 2,354 marks compared to the 5960X and 2,001 marks, indicating a performance increase of 17.6%.

When pushed to 4.5GHz Silicon Lottery saw the 6950X score 2,327 (Multi) in Cinebench R15, which is a 22.2% performance increase from a 12.5% clock increase. Not bad at all.

These results are not official my any means, but if they are genuine, they do indicate that Broadwell E is about to shake things up somewhat when it arrives.


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