Throwback Thursday: K|ngp|n hits 1,600 Points (May 2009)

Welcome to the Throwback Thursday series on HWBOT, a chance to recall interesting news flash articles from the past just for the sake of a quick nostalgic pang or two on our sub-zero cooled heart-strings. This week we take you back to May 2009 when an overclocker known to the world as K|ngp|n became World Number 1 in the HWBOT league, amassing a record total of 1,600 points and a bunch of World Records to boot.

Of course Vince has continued his overclocking adventure since 2009 and remains one of the most respected in the world, especially when it comes to pushing multiple GPUs. Here’s a section from the original post published on May 1st 2009:

“That K|ngp|n broke another world record is for most of us pretty much the same as saying that man needs food to survive: it comes as natural. However, it’s actually not that normal to break a world record, especially in a benchmark and overclocking scene as big as it is now: with the right gear, a lot of people are able to play at the top of the rankings.”

“Nevertheless, K|ngp|n’s profile has an impressive list of cups and awards: 7 golden, 3 silver and 3 bronze cups, which actually means that our current Hwbot league leader has top 3 places in 13 of the 19 Hwbot suite benchmarks! Thanks to this overall domination, K|ngp|n has been able to surpass the 1600 points barrier which is -not that surprisingly- another record; no overclocker has been able to do this before.”

Click here to catch the original posting.

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