The OC Show S03E06: Q&A with William Lefrancçois from LanETS

The sixth episode of this year’s OC Show series was published a few weeks ago by OverClockingTV, and if you missed it, it’s well worth a look. Trouffman and Xyala recorded the show during the HWBOT World Tour stop in Montreal, Canada at LanETS. The show features an interview with William Lefrancçois, a key member of the event organization team for LanETS, a chat with Christian Ney about his epic adventures in submission moderating at HWBOT as well as an update on all other things OC-related.

LanETS makes the perfect backdrop for the OC Show, being one of the largest Lan parties on the North American continent, attracting something in the region of 2,000 gamers, many of whom will have encountered overclocking for this time at the HWBOT World Tour area. The show also covers the importance of volunteers in the world of HWBOT and overclocking. As well as the HWBOT database that requires several moderators including Christian to maintain an accuracy, the World Tour also needs plenty of volunteers to help with things like the OC Workshops for example, which can mean an entire day of standing, tutoring and explaining what overclocking is whilst keeping a patient, radiant smile at all times.

The show also covers an event that was held in Taipei to promote HWBOT’s involvement at Computex 2016 in Taiwan. Event organizers TAITRA held a press event to promote key partner attendees at Computex, including HWBOT who will have a booth at the show as part of the HWBOT Word Tour.

Don’t forget you can check out the entire HWBOT World Tour which great coverage of the contests, winners and more on the OverClockingTV YouTube channel.

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