Corsair sets new PCMark Vantage record with 11 SSDs

Checking out the screenshot, it seems that they were actually using a retail 980X!

Corsair announced it has broken the PCMark Vantage world record with the help of eleven of its new Force F200 solid state disks with an Areca 1680i RAID controller on an LN2 cooled Intel Core i7-980X based system. The new record is 2588 points higher than the previous world record, which is held by SteveRo from XtremeSystems. More info can be read at Corsair's blog.


Belgium Massman says:

I'd say: props to SteveRO as well. It's not easy taking on a company like Corsair.

Jor3llBR/Elano says:

Nice scores indeed. I don't mind getting into this battle in a near future (980x).

United States Planet says:

Yea Steve definitely put up some competition. Made me rebreak it a few times and yes it was a Retail 980x bought from Frys at -100c 1.7v

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