[Pro OC] Dr Weez Benches Super Pi 32M w/HyperX Fury 2,666 and Core i3 6320

DrWeez is back today with another really insightful and interesting video from his Pro OC session, this time benching Super Pi 32M using a HyperX Fury kit and a Core i3 6320 chip. The video was actually filmed a few weeks ago but, if you missed it, it’s a great fly on the wall record of what goes on when Elite players sit down and try to get some solid scores on the Pro OC board.

Whereas last weekend he took time to tutor the Rookie brigade on the finer arts of ambient cooled XTU benching, in this video we get to see DrWeez as an active overclocker in the Pro OC league, the pinnacle of the Challenger Divisions on OC-ESPORTS where Elite and Extreme overclockers compete for the right to be this year’s Pro OC champion.

This year’s Pro OC league introduced a new cooperative platform that is designed to promote and support the professional overclocking eco-system. Five extreme overclockers were invited to create paid content based on their experiences during the contest. It’s a solid reward for their efforts in the contest, but crucially it also helps to create some really valuable content for the community to enjoy. This video is great example of that.

In the video you get to watch DrWeez compete in Stage 4 of the Pro OC Championship, a stage that involves benching Super Pi 32M and a dual-core processor paired with the latest Z170 chipset. DrWeez is using a dual-core Skylake i3 6320, a tasty HyperX Fury 2,666MHz kit, an ASUS Maximus VIII Gene motherboard and a ton of LN2. The result eventually gets him 4th place on the Pro OC leaderboard.

Don’t forget that as well as this video, DrWeez has a full playlist on his YouTube channel that covers all of his benching sessions for the Pro OC Championship.

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