Rauf Takes 3DMark03 Single GPU Global First Place

The mercurial Rauf has recently made an outstanding submission on HWBOT that now stands as the fastest ever 3DMark03 benchmark run using a single GPU. The score submission of 30,2541 marks was made using a nicely pushed, LN2 cooled 980 Ti card plus a 6700K Skylake processor and edges past the previous best held by Russia’s Smoke by some distance.

As you can see from the rig shot to the left, the Sweden and Extreme League No.1 used a system based around the Maximus VIII Extreme, full pot benching the CPU and GPU in some style. The ASUS GeForce GTX 980 Ti Matrix Platinum Edition’s Maxwell GPU was cracked up to 1,900MHz, a massive +76.58% beyond stock while the memory frequency was pushed by a 25.5% to reach 2,200MHz. Other rig details include an i7 6700K clocked at 6,700MHz (+67.50%), G.SKILL Trident Z DDR4 memory clocked 1,827MHz (CL12) and an 8 Pack Edition Super Flower 2,000 watt PSU.

It’s interesting to note that the previous best score submitted by Smoke last month was achieved with a higher GPU clock of 2,000MHz (85.87%) but crucially a lower memory clock of 2,000MHz (+14.09%). The score has earned a few points for Rauf who remains in top position in the Extreme League (just ahead of Bullshooter) on 2,214 points. The 3DMark03 Single GPU Global First Place earned him 35 points for claiming 6th place in the 3DMark03 World Records list, 117 points for the1x GPU ranking and 14.4 points for the 980 Ti ranking.

Congrats to Rauf who has stormed up the rankings thanks to great work like this 3DMark03 score. In fact having broken in the top five just a few weeks ago, he is now ranked fourth in the World, a massive achievement for any Extreme player. Check out the submission on HWBOT.

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