Canal+ TV Show Interviews Dancop and Zwitterion [French]

It’s not every day that Overclocking gets any real mainstream media exposure, remaining largely confined to the pages of extreme hardware and enthusiast websites. Recently however the sport has begun to register as a worthwhile topic for media outlets in France, with the Le Monde newspaper recently covering the Gamers Assembly stop of the HWBOT World Tour in Poitiers. Today we can also share a clip from a magazine-style current affairs show show on Canal+ which introduces the concept of overclocking and includes some face time with World No.1 Dancop and French No.2 Zwitterion.

The show gives a very broad introduction to the subject of overclocking. In the first interview, Dancop explains the levels of hard work and dedication needed to compete at the high levels of the game, sometimes burning the midnight oil with benching sessions that continue until 3am or even later. The show’s host also pays a visit to the home of Damien “Zwitterion” Leconte who goes further to explain the technical side of things regarding how the processors are pushed using advanced cooling techniques including liquid nitrogen.

You can catch the full video here on the Canal+ site.

Note that the overclocking section begins in the 37th minute and it is of course broadcast in French.

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