Intel’s 7th Gen ‘Kaby Lake’ Core i7-7700K CPU Leaked

Details regarding the forthcoming 7th generation architecture processor platform have just been leaked on the web. Codenamed Kabylake, published a slew of details regarding the next generation rumored to launch next year, including some benchmark details that appear to involve the Core i7 7700K, a quad core (8 threads) chip clocked at 3.6GHz with a turbo clock of 4.2GHz with 256KB of L2 cache and 8MB of L3 cache.

Kaylake is manufactured on the same 14nm process that we’ve seen used to create previous Broadwell and Skylake, a fact that underlines Intel’s new ‘Optimization’ strategy which replaces the more aggressively cadenced ‘Tick Tock’. It basically means that Intel will stretch out the longevity of its production processes to cover three, not two architectures. Kabylake will include lower power mobile (i7-7500U) and Core M (Core M7-7Y75) parts as well as SKUs that Intel describes as ‘Enthusiast 95W Options’(the i7 7700K ).

It’s unclear if Kabylake will offer significant gains in raw performance. The performance numbers that were leaked contain elements of the SiSoft Sandra benchmark. It's probably fair not expect too much from this kind of platform refresh, but if you have any insight into the scores posted in the leak, chime in the comments below. If anything, the leaked screenshot at least confirms the specs of the new i7 7700K, and the fact that its base clock is 400MHz lower than that of the current i7 6700K.

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