8Pack Interview with KitGuru: Introduces 2016 Series Custom Overclocked Systems

UK tech media house KitGuru managed to get some face time with current World No.4 Elite overclocker 8Pack who introduced his latest line of custom-overclocked, bespoke PCs. Branded simply as ‘8Pack Systems’, these are the flagship product range of UK online retailer OverclockersUK, and man do they do look nice.

Working with OverclockersUK, 8Pack has plays a key role in not only speccing out and designing the systems, but also custom tuning and overclocking them according to the need of the customer. KitGuru caught up the UK No.1 to give him a chance to walk us through his latest offerings, the top range Supernova, the more portable Asteroid LAN party PC and the mid-range Meteoroid.

Just to give you a taste of what 8Pack and OverclockersUk are up to, the Supernova retails for £12,000 British pounds (around $17,500 USD), contains a Core i7 5960X (pushed to a minimum overclock of 4.6GHz), 4x Titan X graphics cards (with EK Full cover waterblocks), 16GB of DDR4 configured at 3,200MHz and a 512GB Samsung SSD. Not too shabby. The system is also individually numbered and signed by 8Pack and includes dedicated after sales support from the man himself. I’m not sure if that means you get Ian’s mobile number, but it pretty sounds like the best PC service contract you could ask for.

Make sure you check out the video from KitGuru here for a full run down from our buddy 8Pack.

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