DrWeez Plays Rookie Rumble – Live Stream today at 8pm GMT+2

DrWeez has been plenty busy of late, competing in the Pro OC Championship while also creating some great video content that shows the endless machinations involved with getting a competitive score on the board. Tonight however he plans to stream a video of a different ilk, putting aside his LN2 and donning the cap of a mere OC rookie. The video stream will be broadcast on Twitch in just a few short hours from now (8pm GMT+2) with the title ‘DrWeez Plays Rookie Rumble’. The idea is that he basically takes on the role of a Rookie overclocker competing in the Rookie Rumble on OC-ESPORTS.

Tonight’s stream should be a really insightful experience for Rookie’s out there who want to glean all the knowledge that a seasoned Elite player can offer. DrWeez will join the Rookie Rumble #30 contest currently being played out on OC-ESPORTS as a rookie (don’t worry, his scores will be removed later) and take on the three stages with the keen eye of a pro. Starting from a regular Z170 system at stock, DrWeez will do his utmost in the three competition benchmarks that are XTU, HWBOT Prime and GPUPi 100M using nothing but ambient cooling and his OC wits.

Watch the live stream on Twitch here on the DrWeez channel.

Read this story in full on OC-ESPORTS here.

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