[Pro OC Video] DrWeez Goes All Out on Heaven Extreme w/980Ti and 6700k

DrWeez is one of five overclockers that have been selected to join the Pro OC Program, and man, has this guy been pumping out some solid video content during the Pro OC contest. The video we bring you today features our talented South African in the midst of Stage 3 of the contest where it’s all about pushing Skylake with a single GPU on the Heaven Extreme benchmark.

This year’s Pro OC Championship on OC-ESPORTS is a little different from what we have seen in previous years. As before, Elite and Extreme overclockers compete for prizes and the right to be Pro OC Champion of 2016. This year however, HWBOT in conjunction with HyperX have also introduced a new Pro OC 2016 cooperative platform. The idea is designed to promote and support the overclocking eco-system with five extreme overclockers creating paid content based on their experiences during the contest. It’s a good reward for the efforts of competing overclockers while also helping to create some truly valuable content for the community to enjoy.

If you have any inclining at all as to what these Pro OC guys have to deal with to get competitive scores, you are going to love this video. DrWeez starts at beginning with board preparation and a laying out of his overall strategy in this stage. In the end he manages to hit a score of 7628.04 DX11 marks which got him a solid third place finish in the stage. This was done with an i7 6700K pushed to 5.8GHz (+45.00%) and his 980Ti card hitting 1900MHz (+76.58%) on the GPU, and 2100MHz (+19.79%) on the memory.

Check out the full video here on the DrWeez YouTube channel where you get a unique look over the shoulder of an Elite competitive overclocker deep in the OC trenches.

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