Old Timers Rejoice! CPU-Z 1.76 Now Available for Windows 98

Back in February of 2011 CPU-Z released version 1.57. It was the last version of CPU-Z to offer support for Windows 98. It is very possible that the event came and went without fanfare or fond farewells; in fact I’m sure almost nobody noticed, not least of all because the OS is almost twenty years old and has been squarely consigned to the dust-bin of history.

A revival in retrograde overclocking however has triggered a renaissance that has now resurrected Windows 98 from the grave. Consider the emergence the Old School is Best School contest and also the Challenger Division VII contests on OC-ESPORTS, two OC contests that have proven to be popular with many overclockers who enjoy dusting off old hardware and reliving thrills of the past, often using tools and skills honed in the present. The result is that the guys at CPUID have now released a new version of CPU-Z that is now once again compatible with the Windows 98 operating system, a handy tool when making any submissions on ancient hardware.

The Windows 98 version does seem to be an isolated updated, but it certainly has arrived in timely fashion. Without saying too much, the next edition of the Old School is Best School will see a special bonus round introduced which may indeed benefit from having a fully working and compatible CPU-Z for Win 98. More details will be revealed very shortly. Watch this space old timers.

Download the latest Windows 98 compatible version of CPU-Z here.

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