How to Video: UFDisciple Explores AMD A-10 Series APU Performance

UFDisciple is a quickly rising Rookie overclocker from South Africa. Having just won the Amateur World Series 2016 in his home country a few weeks ago, he has already started sharing his OC knowledge with the community, publishing a very polished video on his YouTube channel that covers the art of overclocking AMD APUs.

In the video UFDisciple gets hands on with an AMD A-10 7850K APU plus an ASUS A88XM-E motherboard and 16GB of G.SKILL Trident X 2400 DDR3 memory. The basic idea behind the video is to show OC newbies what performance gains are possible by tuning the APU and RAM. Gamers will appreciate the use of in-game benchmarks with UFDisciple using Tomb Raider and Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor, both solid ways to asses performance and stability when overclocking the AMD Accelerated Processing Units. UFDisciple compares single and dual channel memory configurations, plus overclocked 2400MHz DDR3 with standard settings. He also goes into some detail around overclocking the GPU and CPU parts, using AMD’s OverDrive software to achieve a nice boost in overall FPS.

The video is a really good intro to any Rookies and Novices looking to get more bang for their buck from their AMD APU rigs. It’s also very encouraging to see a PC component reviewer take a leap in the world Overclocking, having just dipped a toe in the OC waters a few weeks ago. Finally, check out the t-shirt that UFDisciple is wearing in the video – just happens be an exclusive HWBOT World Tour shirt! Has this guy got class or what?

YouTube Link

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