[PRO OC] Splave’s How to Bench Memory for Frequency, Featuring HyperX Fury Black

Extreme overclocker Allen "Splave" Golibersuch helps you reach new memory frequency heights using the HyperX Fury Black.

Benching memory for frequency is kind of interesting. Some love it, some think it’s useless. Manufacturers like it in general I believe because it is a simple case of a single number meaning everything. 4,000MHz is better than 3,000MHz. Our company can run at 4,000MHz, their company can only run at 3,800MHz. This is highly relatable to anyone, even someone with no knowledge of computers. They can relate to the fact that 4,000MHz is better than 3800MHz. They are less impressed by the tight timings that you worked so hard on, than they are of a simple 4,000MHz frequency. – Sorry, but it’s true.

The key to getting nice high frequency results is patience, flexibility, voltage, and timings. If you don’t have the first two then you will struggle here. The world record by John Lam took a single session of more than six hours to achieve. Some CPUs like to be very cold, some like to be -80c and some like high SA won’t budge over a certain point.

Full article at OC-ESPORTS.io


Belgium Massman says:

Thanks for sharing your findings, [MENTION=12617]Splave[/MENTION]! :celebration:

What do you like most: hunting for most efficient memory or the high frequency validations? Pretty funny that engineers don't pay that much attention to the timings, considering tight timings can mean a world of difference in system performance

Poland Xtreme Addict says:

Nice one :)

South Africa DrWeez says:

1.6SA VoLtage haha, I am such a chicken. Good explanation of the process. Good luck everyone

Indonesia Lucky_n00b says:

Good read and interesting notes on that VccSA, thanks [MENTION=12617]Splave[/MENTION]!

Indonesia speed.fastest says:

1.5v vccsa on air O.O
I only use 1.35v for max clock on air. Is it safe 1.5v vccsa on air?

websmile says:

I like the instant death to the ES most :p - well, scientific research can ask a toll :D

Canada marc0053 says:

Great guide Splave! Thanks for sharing

United States xxbassplayerxx says:

Cool stuff Splave!

Sweden Rauf says:

Great guide!

United States Splave says:

Thanks guys yes 1.5 for binning all those sticks in the pics for frequency. I think its fine with no load just use retail CPUs is better can't RMA es ( maybe xa can but he's magic RMA hand lol)

United States funsoul says:

Thank you Allen! Once again, sharing the overclocking knowledge and love. You are awesome!

Indonesia speed.fastest says:

Thanks for the info, so 1.5v with no load fine ;)

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