Video: Der8auer’s Skylake Overclocking Tutorial

If you are just starting out overclocking Intel’s Skylake processors and you are looking for some solid guidance, look no further. Der8auer, the World No.3 overclocker has recently published a quick yet insightful video that shows you step-by-step how to push your Skylake processor to a nice stable 4.5GHz.

The focus of the video is to quickly allow you to push either a Core i7 6700K or i5 6600K to a decent overclock that will boost your PC’s performance in processor intensive tasks like gaming, while also remaining 100% stable. The guide is based on a rig using the ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming motherboard and quickly shows how each of the settings are configured in some detail, including advice on voltages, load line calibration and more. Roman also shows you how to make sure your CPU cores are running at maximum frequency with details about how to test your Skylake rig for stability, and what to do if you encounter issues such as the odd blue screen or two.

Der8auer is of course pretty much a household name on HWBOT, being a leading figure in the development of specialist Overclocking paraphernalia such as LN2 pots, deliding tools and more. Perhaps more importantly however, he is also one of the more active overclockers in the community when it comes to sharing advice and helping the less senior members of the scene improve and progress. Nice work Roman. Thanks for sharing as always.

Check out the video guide in full on YouTube, and don’t forget to visit the Overclocking Guide where you can find a wealth of useful OC advice and information.

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