Hello Kitty Motherboard Apparently Not Coming to Market

We live in a world where more than ever it is important for products not just to perform adequately, but also look good. Making a motherboard purchase ten years ago was an entirely non-aesthetic issue. The PCB would almost always be a mundane color with heat spreaders designed for efficiency, not looks. For better or for worse, those days are over. Today, if you are willing to spend decent money on a motherboard you can expect it to look good. The color scheme in fact may dictate your purchase decision.

MSI are not shy at trying new ideas when it comes to designing good looking boards. The black and white Krait Edition motherboards were a massive departure from the normal black and red that ASUS popularized in their ROG series. Likewise the Titanium and Carbon designs have demonstrated the company’s fearless approach to motherboard decoration. However, according to a ‘tongue-in-cheek’ forum post on the HWBOT forum, MSI had apparently also considered creating a purple Hello Kitty-branded board. How close it came to actual production, we may never know.

So many manufacturers in Taiwan have attempted to corner the Hello Kitty market, launching countless Kitty-adorned products over the years. In fact the Taiwanese obsession with the Japanese cartoon cat is well and truly bizarre and goes back decades. As a Westerner living in Taiwan, I can tell you that Hello Kitty is absolutely massive in Taiwan. From maternity hospitals to trains, the Taiwanese are prepared to make any and all things Kitty-themed. I recall many years ago that McDonalds launched a Happy Meal with a free Hello Kitty doll… there were queues around the block at every store in the city for hours until the item was finally sold out.

MSI have done an exceptional job at designing some of the industry’s most attractive looking motherboards in recent years. Praise be that they resisted the temptation to revert to their baser Taiwanese roots and produce a Hello Kitty board.

Thanks to Pepi for sharing.

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