AMD (Polaris) Radeon R9 480 and R7 470 Rumored to Launch at Computex 2016

We don’t always get too excited about the rumor mill that surrounds major hardware launches, but the forthcoming Computex show here in Taipei is looking set to be the launch pad for plenty of new GPU technologies. As well as increasing noise levels indicating that Nvidia’s ‘Pascal’ based GPUs will take a turn in Taipei in June, we now have reports on the web that AMD will in fact retort with the launch of their ‘Polaris’ architecture silicon

The news indicates that AMD plan to reveal the Radeon R9 480, a card that uses an "Ellesmere" (Polaris 10) chip. This will be joined by the Radeon R7 470 card which is based on "Baffin" (Polaris 11) silicon. These new mid and upper tier AMD chips are manufactured on a 14nm process which would seem to point towards better power efficiency than current offerings with the more affordable R7 470 having a TDP of 50 watts and the R9 480 maxing out at approximately 130 watts. The R9 480 will is obviously the SKU that most overclockers are interested in with rumors promising the GPU will sport 2,560 stream processors.

It’s still early days and after all, these are merely rumors. What will or won’t be wafted around on a brightly lit hotel stage in the clutches well manicured executive hands in early June, remains to be seen.

Via TechPowerUp.

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