Splave Claims Unigine Heaven Xtreme 1x GPU 1st Place Global Ranking

Another day, another record tumbles. Yesterday we brought you news of Dancop’s latest exploits, hacking away at the Unigine Heaven Xtreme benchmark rankings with a new single GPU global 1st place. It seems that the record had a somewhat brief shelf life as World No.1 6 Splave stepped up to the plate to claim the record for himself with a submission of 8511.22 DX11 Marks, a tidy 25 marks ahead of Dancop.

Interestingly, if you compare the two results you can divine a slightly different approach being employed by these two top class players. Dancop’s score was made using a i7 6700K pushed to 6,744.15MHz (a very tasty +68.60% beyond stock), plus a GTX 980Ti with the GPU pushed to 2,050MHz (+90.52%) and the memory at 2,250MHz (+28.35%).

Splave’s rig was configured with more emphasis on the actual GPU, using slightly lower CPU and VGA memory frequencies. His i7 6700K was set to 6,500MHz (+62.50%) while the GPU of his GTX 980Ti was tortured to within an inch of its life to hit 2,150MHz (+99.81%). Splave also made sacrifices in terms of graphics memory bandwidth, using a lower GDDR frequency of 2,171MHz (+23.84%). Clearly Splave has unearthed an exceptional graphics chip that he has coaxed to the absolute brink of extinction.

The score means a 1x GPU global first place in Heaven Xtreme worth 115.9 points plus 26.8 hardware points for the GTX 980Ti 1st place rankings. Well done sir.

You can check the submission from Splave for yourself here on HWBOT. Also feel free to peruse the Heaven Xtreme 1xGPU Rankings

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