Overclockers.UA Hold 10th Anniversary Meeting

The Overclockers.UA team celebrated its ten years of existence in style with a meet-up in downtown Kiev that attracted more than fifty visitors. With 72 liters of LN2 brought in for the event, it was a key moment for the Ukraine’s most avid overclockers to meet, greet and get down to some solid benching. The event also offered a moment for senior team members to present an historical review of the Overclockers.UA, its origins back in 2005 and ambitions for the future.

Overclocking meet-ups are always a fun experience as most overclockers generally tend to see the majority of their social interaction happening online. Getting some genuine face to face time with someone who you usually only encounter as an avatar in a forum can be a rewarding and worthy experience. The Overclockers.UA event also offered an opportunity for hardware manufacturing partners like MSI, GIGABYTE and others to communicate directly with the OC Ukrainian OC community with booths and demos setup at the event.

The highlight of the event was of course the extreme overclocking that took place. Team members StingerYar, Sergey and prosha_evolist. The bench session also afforded an opportunity to test out the new RealBench, y-cruncher Pi-25m benchmark, where high flying newcomer SergeyR showed his talent by setting a preliminary octa-core 1st place.

Check out the full round up here article on overclockers.ua. It’s in Ukranian, but well worth a look just for the photos.


Taiwan sdougal says:

Looks to me like the Ukrainian OC scene is in a pretty healthy state...

Ukraine FoX_UA says:

Was really fun, hope we will meet up soon to celebrate TOP10 ;)

Belarus max1024 says:

Congrats Overclockers.UA with 10th anniversary! More overclockers in UA community and long live to all your HW staff. Great event and great idea =)

Belgium Massman says:

This looks like a lot of fun! Nice to see the Ukrainian community doing well :)

Russian Federation Antinomy says:

Massman, the article's in Russian ;) (luckily for me, should be a good read). I've had relations with their site and some members a long time ago, nice to see them active.

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