Dancop’s Latest Romp Claims Unigine Heaven and 3DMark Vantage Global 1st Places

The World overclocking No.1 Dancop has been busy burning off the midnight LN2 once again, this time setting his sights on both Unigine Heaven Xtreme and 3DMark Vantage Performance single GPU global first places. Just a few days ago Dancop submitted a score of 8,486.16 DX11 Marks in Unigine Heaven Xtreme, edging out Splave by just over 72 marks. The score was submitted using an Intel Core i7 6700K clocked at 6,744.15MHz (+68.60%) and an ASUS GTX 980 Ti Matrix with the GPU pushed to 2,050MHz (+90.52%) and graphics memory squeezed to 2,250MHz (+28.35%).

Just a matter of hours ago Dancop the German and world No.1 was back on his horse, this time revisiting the classic 3DMark Vantage Performance benchmark. A score of 95,712 marks (1,249 marks ahead of the previous best held by Brazil’s Rbuass) was achieved this time using a Core i7 5960X 'Haswell-E' overclocked to a massive 5,950.6MHz (+98.35%), plus the same GTX 980 Ti card, this time with the GPU configured to 2,100MHz (+95.17%) and GDDR at 2,225MHz (+26.93%).

What’s interesting in both of these scores is that if we compare them to the previous 1st place scores from Splave and Rbuass, Dancop has opted for a comparatively lower GPU clock in favor of a higher graphics memory clock. The two submissions are ranked as the current global first places for the respective benchmarks using a single GPU, as well as 1st place hardware rankings for eth GTX 980 Ti card. All of which means that Dancop has just earned himself an additional 275.3 points. Nice work Daniel!

Check out the Unigine Heaven Xtreme and the 3Dmark Vantage submissions on HWBOT.

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