Rockit 88 CPU Delid Tool on Kickstarter – 2 Days Left to Pledge

Rockit 88 is a small start up that have developed a tool specifically designed make it easy to delid a modern Intel CPU, a notoriously difficult thing to do, especially for less experienced overclockers. The Kickstarter page allows you to pledge anything from 1$ to $35. By backing the company to the tune of 35$ you will receive a complete kit which includes a precision machined de-lid tool.

The art of deliding a CPU is one with a great heritage in extreme overclocking. It basically involves removing the protective lid of a CPU (Integrated Heat Spreader or IHS as it is known) and replacing the thermal compound found between the CPU die and the IHS. It’s possible to reduce the gap by replacing the thick layer of factory-applied thermal compound with a thinner layer of higher quality compound or TIM. The result is slightly lower load temperatures.

Actually getting the lid off the CPU itself can be quite a challenge however, which is where the Rockit 88 delid tool comes into play. Once you mount the CPU within the tool, the leverage available from the side-mounted screws should make it possible to just pop the lid off with minimum fuss or effort.

While it’s certainly not the only delid tool out there, the Rockit 88 tool means that you have more options than ever when delidding your Intel CPUs. If you want to make a pledge, you currently have just over two days left to do so.

Check out the Rockit 88 tool project on Kickstarter.

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