Broadwell-E Core i7-6950X Processor Info leaked - 10 Cores at 3.5GHz with 25MB Cache

The high-end desktop, or HEDT Extreme Edition processors from Intel are seemingly edging closer and closer. For example MSI announced support for the forthcoming Broadwell-E series of processors just a few days ago with updated BIOSes that that categorically state Broadwell-E support. We’ve seen news regarding details of what appears to be the new HEDT to SKU, the Core i7-6950X, which briefly popped up on an Intel customer support page.

So what have we learned about the i7 6950X? We know it will be clocked at 3.5GHz and have a nice substantial 25MB of cache (25% more than the current top dog the i7-5960X). While it has yet to be confirmed by Intel, there are substantial rumors that are gaining momentum regarding core count.

According to the i7 6950X will have a total of 10 cores. With hyperthreading enabled that results in a total of twenty threads. The retail price for the first HEDT platform in almost two years is also rumored to be pushed a little higher with the i7 6950X costing in the region of $1,500 USD. Other details out there include a TDP similar to Haswell-E of 140 watts, out of the box memory support for DDR4 at 2400MHz and of course compatibility for current X99 chipset boards.

Read more about the leak here on PC World.

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