Techarx Launch Overclocking Diaries Series: Episode 1 – Core i3 6100

Indian tech site Techarx have just launched a new series called the ‘Overclocking Diaries’. The idea is to help newbies to learn the basics of overclocking, while also sharing information and stories along the way. The first episode covers overclocking an Intel Core i3 6100 processor using of course an unlocked BIOS.

Techarx have pitched the articles at a level appropriate to India’s growing OC scene. The series in fact is aimed at people who are new to overclocking, but perhaps are curious to know how to simply get more out of a system without breaking the bank in terms of specialist cooling etc. Author and seasoned overclocker Sumon Pathak explains that his idea of overclocking as a sport doesn’t always have to involve breaking records and using LN2:

“What you are doing is a sport and it should be taken as such. World records and gaining fame should be the secondary objective. Your first job is to “learn” the tricks of the trade and understanding your gear.”

Fine advice, wisely spoken. You can check out the full article here on

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