[User Review] Windwithme Reviews MSI GE62 Heroes of the Storm Edition Gaming Laptop

There’s nothing better than a bonafide end-user review to give you a solid, honest, no frills expose on a product. Windwithme has been publishing reviews on the HWBOT forum for several years, taking time to examine enthusiast grade gear in plenty of detail. This time around windwithme takes on a high-end gaming laptop from the MSI, the Heroes of the Storm Edition GE62 (6QF Apache Pro), a device that sports an impressive 15.6” 4K display, Core i7 6700HQ processor (2.6GHz) and an Nvidia GTX 970M graphics card.

All of these tasty Specs are presented in a specially crafted Heroes of the Storm design that should send gamer's hearts a flutter. Here’s a sample of what windwithme has to say:

“During the past 2 years, laptops positioning as Gaming products became almost major brands on a battleground. Along with PC gaming having global prevalence, gaming products also possess a very important position on the notebook market. Dell is considered an early-entry gaming brand, however MSI has already been dedicating itself to gaming notebooks market for years.”

Check out the full and detailed review here on the HWBOT forum.


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