Le Monde Cover HWBOT World Tour At Gamers Assembly

It’s not every day that Overclocking gets exposure from a major media outlet like Le Monde, one of Frances’ most respected and widely read evening newspapers. So it is great to see an article in the Le Monde Global Edition covering the most recent HWBOT World Tour event at Gamers Assembly in Poitiers, France last weekend. William Audureau was in attendance to cover the event, taking time to chat with and interview several of the overclockers including extreme and amateur attendees.

Written for a mainstream audience, the article takes time to explain the idea of Overclocking, the motivations for doing it and the fun that can be had with a flask or two of LN2. One of the overclockers interviewed in the article is Niuulh, a Rookie just a year ago that has shot up the HWBOT leagues where he now occupies a place in the top 150 in the Extreme league. - “Basically, it's for people who need a fast and powerful computer to play with, but now that the processors are pretty fast it's really become a sport, with records".

William also caught up with World No.1 Dancop - A little further, with a steely gaze and confident smile, a man sits, frozen before the screen of his computer. This is Daniel or Dancop, the world No.1. A married man with three children in his civilian life, here he is admired by all. "What I like is to achieve scores that nobody has ever achieved. When someone makes 1500 in a benchmark, I love 2000 ", asserts one that flies over the league.

Catch the full article here on Le Monde (French).

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