HWBOT Announces Entirely ‘Bug-Free’ Revision on UAT

HWBOT today is extremely proud to announce that we now have an entirely ‘bug-free’ version of the site now hosted on our UAT site. After thousands of man hours, head scratching and some very late nights the new version is now a perfect implementation of the HWBOT vision.

As you may well be aware the HWBOT UAT site is a version of the site where new revisions of the site are hosted in order for members to test. It’s proved to be a valuable way to get feedback regarding the changes and improvements that we are trying to implement. HWBOT members are of course entirely free to visit and use the UAT site, although we recommend some degree of caution as the functionality of the site is in fact so polished and smoothly functional that some members may experience dizziness and an overwhelming sense of finality.

HWBOT member can experience this new sense of calm here on the UAT site. Under no circumstances is feedback required.

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